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Women Fetish Wearing Extremely Tight Belt On Waist

christian noticed, and it worried him. her head was too big for her body and the neck looked too short. the curves of her body were too small and the hips too big. she was a beautiful woman, but he wasn't sure whether she was pretty or not, and he didn't know whether he liked women, but clare was an interesting woman and she was arousing him more than he had ever been aroused before. when they made love, she was so responsive to his touch that he knew she would feel good with the small waist, but he still wanted to measure it again.

women fetish wearing extremely tight belt on waist

all day she was tense and nervous, not with anticipation, but with apprehension. not knowing how christian would react to her figure modification. when she came home, he made her take off her clothes and she took off the blouse. she wasn't sure how he would react to her waist. he stood back and looked, but he didn't seem to notice anything. but when he tried to fasten the laces, he found he couldn't. apparently, the laces were too tight. he began to worry that he might have damaged her. clare calmed him down and told him not to worry, that it was just tight. her waist had gone down two inches from the day before. she was wearing a vest top as well. it was a beautiful night for the summer, and clare found the costume very sexy. at first, christian stood with her in front of him and admired her from every angle, but when he went to fasten the laces, he couldn't. he had to go to the kitchen and fetch the bottle of oil which, in addition to softening the leather and rubber, would make them flexible and easy to put on. he brought it back and found that, using the candle to hold it steady, he could reach the laces and do his best to fasten them. he had to be careful, as it was very warm and he didn't want to burn clare. clare watched him work and found she was watching her own waist change slowly, inch by inch. her lower half was gradually becoming narrower. she just stood in front of him and let him work, which he did most carefully and successfully.


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