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Fantasy Couple E13 Avi 003

Funniest part of season 4 so far: the renaissance fair. The thousand dollar costumes everyone was wearing, and the medical tent that was like a temporary surgical unit. There is fantasy, and there is far-fetched. This show has crossed the line into far-fetched.

Fantasy Couple E13 avi 003

Jesse later meets with Shelby in her car, where she reveals that she is Rachel's mother, but a contractual agreement prevents her from meeting with Rachel, to the point that she wasn't allowed to hold Rachel after she had been born. She implores Jesse to convince Rachel to listen to the tape, saying that not being able to meet Rachel is her one regret. Shelby sings "I Dreamed a Dream" on the tape, leading to a duet with Rachel singing in a fantasy sequence. (Dream On)

When Shelby comes back to Lima, she lets Puck see Beth, and then she falls for him while he is singing Waiting for a Girl Like You and they share a kiss. Later he dedicates Hot for Teacher and I'm the Only One to her. Puck tries to pursue Shelby for a couple episodes and succeeds, but after sleeping together, Shelby calls it a mistake and ends their relationship.


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