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Buy Tory Burch Flats

Step out in comfort and effortless style with New York-based label Tory Burch's collection of flats. One of Tory Burch's most iconic flats, the cult classic Reva, features the signature double-T metal medallion and comes in a rainbow of bright patents, timeless neutrals and animal-inspired patterns and finishes. Glossy loafers, minimalist leather thong sandals and peep-toe flats complete the selection.

buy tory burch flats

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Are they worth the price tag? Well, if you divide $175 by six years, that comes out to be $29 a year. If you divide $150 by six years, that comes out to be $25. Do we spend $29 or $25 on flats from Target? Yes, we do, easily.

In the end, these are very personal choices. We all value different things, we all have different clothing budgets and we all make choices every day about how to spend our hard earned money, true? Some people are purse people. I am not. I do not own any designer purses and would much rather carry my Fossil tote and have some nice flats.

Women have lusted after these iconic flats since they were introduced and as time goes by there are more and more guys also buying themselves a pair. Since being "bitten" by the Tory Burch bug my collection of TB Revas is at 11 pairs. They are super cute and super comfy.

i ama guy and love wearing flats but i discovered the revas and a couple other tory styles about a tear ago and have not worn anything else since,i have 5 colors of the revas so far and the silver ones are my favorite and feel like i never want to take them off,i have never had a problem with getting blisters and have always bought my usual right size and they do stretch but not too big and even when they are brand new they feel so good, i love when i am wearing them and see another girl out wearing them also, they make any girl sexy

These are the most comfortable flats I own. I have never gotten a blister, even when I first starting wearing these. They are durable and have lasted me for quite some time. I wear them on an almost daily basis to work because I much prefer flats than heels. I would love to get another pair sometime soon!

These Tory Burch flats are definitely an "investment", but they are the perfect little flat that goes with anything. They are dressy enough to wear with slacks to work, but also look great with jeans, cropped pants, skirts...just about anything. They are comfortable yet super chic! Even though this same Tory Burch flat has been around for 5+ years, they are a classic shoe that I believe will always be in style.

Ballet flats are so versatile and classically stylish. They can be worn with dresses or pants and go from day to evening effortlessly. For those who commute to those who are vacationing, this style of shoe cannot be beta for its style and comfort!

There is only one store that carries them in my home town so the size and style selection can be difficult. I recently got hooked on these cute flats while on vacation. Several stores in one mall carried them. I bought my first pair then the addiction to these beauties kicked in. I went home with 2 pairs. A month later I was back there on vacation and got 2 more pairs. I'm up to 5 pairs now and still want more. They do have to be broken in, I only found 2 of the 5 pairs comfy after a couple times wearing them. These flats are perfect for anyone of any age. Although flats aren't often the shoe of choice for men and these certainly aren't marketed for men I think they look great with my casual attire. They fit great and are kind of cute looking on a guy like me

Every time I see someone wearing these shoes I think of getting them but don't as flats cause my feet to ache after a short amount of time. I need shoes with a heel. However, they are really cute.

I love my Reva flats so much that I bought a second pair. It does take a while to wear them in but once you do, you can walk all day in them. They are stylish and I get so many compliments. I have a pink pair and now a silver pair. You can dress them up or down. During the "wear-in" period, I put Monistat Chafing Gel (buy at any drugstore) on my heels and toes to keep from getting blisters. They are expensive, I bought my second pair during a Tory Burch private sale for half price, but I've had both pairs for several years and they look great still.

I love these ballet flats, they dress up anything your wearing and look so chic. They are my everyday shoes and great for traveling. I want them in every color. Well worth the money!!!

While satin and silk ballet flats are popular among the street style and influencer set, they cropped up in a variety of different styles on the Spring/Summer 2023 runways. At Tory Burch, Chanel, and Jacquemus, slingbacks were fashioned from leather, crystal-encrusted, and made in a true blue denim fabric. At Sandy Liang, Mary Jane-style flats came in both satin and leather. Finally, Simone Rocha showed pairs that came in floral satin and were covered in dainty straps, alongside chunkier metallic versions with treaded platform soles.

Styling your ballet flats is super easy, says Richards. "To lean into the eccentric novelty of the season, pair it back to an oversized tulle gown for a way to bring that dress into day wear, as we're truly living it up this season but in wearable ways," she says.

If you like to keep your color palette neutral but prefer to play with shape, Richards says she loves the "concept of extreme silhouette mix and match." To nail this look, she recommends that you "try an extra oversized blazer back to a crop top, oversized denim, and sleek and chic ballet flats for proportion play." Finally, Richards recommends turning your ballet flats into the perfect transitional footwear by styling them with other fun seasonal accessories. "While the temps are still low, start playing with mini skirt silhouettes by pairing opaque or novelty tights and a clean ballet flat," she says.

t's your turn, ladies, and your patience will be rewarded with this fabulous roundup of shoe deals. Whether you're searching for the edgy, versatile style of Tory Burch, slinky satin flats from Express, or Cole Haan wedges, we've got something to fit your size, style, and budget. Now, are you ready to walk this roundup to great savings? On your feet, and let's go...

Is It Worth It?: At 30% off, what could be better than the comfort-style combo of these multi-hued satin flats? They feature a 1/4" heel to give you a bit of lift, as well as a padded footbed to make a long day on your feet that much more bearable. They're available in sizes 6 to 10. And this Express train is making multiple stops on the track to big savings. Express cuts 30% off a larger selection of women's shoes and accessories, with prices starting at $5.60. Plus, coupon code "5903" cuts an extra $15 off orders of $30 or more, $30 off orders of $100 or more, or $40 off orders of $120 or more. Shipping adds $8, but orders of $125 or more qualify for free shipping. 041b061a72


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