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The Wild Wild West 720p

Wild Canada From the filmmakers of the acclaimed series Human Planet and Planet Earth comes Wild Canada, this spectacular five-part series on the wildlife and the wild lands of Canada reveals a Canada that few have seen before. Underlying the series is an epic narrative through time and across the vast scale of the Canadian landscape, that provides exciting new stories about the plant and wildlife of Canada. New research reveals that many of Canada's unique and stunning natural landscapes are the direct result of ancient human activity. Each episode tells two parallel stories: the natural history of Canada, and how past humans shaped Canada's landscape and the wildlife spectacles we see today.

The Wild Wild West 720p

Go on an extraordinary journey from the spectacle of humpback whales feeding on capelin off Newfoundland to the world's largest intact temperate rainforest in British Columbia that is home to the rare 'white' black bear. Acrobatic flying squirrels and thousands of mating red-sided garter snakes are just some of the incredible array of wildlife we see.

Journey from the secret world of Canada's wettest and most biologically diverse landscape, the temperate rainforest to the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains. The stories are intimate and epic: from wolves that fish for salmon to the thrilling sounds of head-butting male big horn sheep, to ice-covered grizzly bears living near the Arctic Circle. The ancient coastal forests hide rarely told stories of human and wildlife relationships that have co-existed for thousands of years.

From the prairies to Canada's vast boreal forest that stretches almost from coast to coast, we reveal a huge wilderness of extremes that has been shaped over millennia by both humans and wildfires. Here pronghorn antelope, the fastest hoofed land animal on earth, still haunt the grasslands, the elusive wolverine thrives in the icy remote northern forests and beaver share their cozy lodges with grateful muskrats.

A landscape inhabited by wildlife and people who have found an amazing variety of ways to survive. From polar bear cubs making their first discovery of ice to a caribou calf 'dancing' in the chilly spring air to eider ducks diving under the ice to find mussels, we witness the extremes and wonders of life far north.

My personal take-away is a persistent bad impression of the IP video surveillance industry. My impression is that it's like the wild west out there -- it's not really a mature industry. The sooner that changes, the better. For everyone.


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