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I want to be...

Most people who work in publishing started out thinking that they want to be an editor. Why? Well, it's one of the few roles that people tend to know about before they learn more about the industry. Even before we understand what a book editor actually does, we might know that they exist. But editors are just one part of the publishing workforce. So what other roles are there? And what characteristics/personality types does each role attract?

In the "I want to be..." series, you'll find a breakdown of some of the roles you'll come across in a medium-sized publishing house, along with the skills that people working in each department often develop. And it's always worth remembering that you're not expected to magically be all of these things off the bat. What you do need to be - in whatever area of publishing you aim for - is a team player who is willing to learn and willing to do their best.


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